New horizons

New design phone coverI thought you might like to see my first ever “designed upon request” phone cover! I’d never have thought of trying a skull design, so thank you Charly for your fresh suggestion, and encouraging me to go beyond my comfort zone… a new horizon for me. It gave me such a thrill to hand over my work today, not to mention the relief I felt in seeing for sure that it did actually fit the phone it was intended for!

DSC00480As you can see, the design and completion wasn’t neat while in progress, and I like to remember the maths and the mess that was involved in getting to the end result. (Not to mention thanks to my patient family, for putting up with a fair amount of muttering and counting-out-loud from the corner of the family living room over the weekend.)

It does me good to remember that positive results can come from uncertainty, taking a leap in the dark, and experimenting with something new.

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