It’s mammoth!

It’s been a while since I last blogged, and in that time a lot has happened, not least the fact that I’ve become a teeny bit obsessed with all things woolly. You can see from my new hme page picture that this results in, apparently, a tangle of colour and texture, all piled together. I strongly suspect that my family think this is a mess! However, I know different, and I’ll share with you the view I see through my rose tinted (yarn framed?) spectacles.

The glorious riot showcases the last year or so of my creative life. It’s a good time for me to reflect and look back, partly because, once again, redundancy hovers around me and many of my colleagues, but this time I’m taking the opportunity offered, though who knows where it will lead?

Lily Pond

But back to the wool! The basis of it all is a crocheted “Lily Pond” blanket, courtesy of a crochet-a-long project by the fabulous Jane Crowfoot. It was my most ambitious project to date, and certainly a challenge for the hook novice I was when I started! When I look at it I see not only lovely layered flowers in rich colours, but pride in my own persistence and ability to learn.

Fluffy shawl

Next up is a gauzy, fluffy shawl, inspired by an irresistible couple of balls of decadence, which just goes to show that a bit of frippery can be a great tonic every now and then.

The blue toned mittens-to-be use a pattern inspired by historical ironwork, and involved an awful lot of counting and muttering! Just as well the gently self striping wool is a joy of softness or that all might get a little over intellectual.


And currently on the go are some functional long socks in fun, tweedy patches of colour.  Once I get going I don’t have to even look down at the needles for much of the time whilst knitting these, leaving my thoughts free to wander, before glancing back to check on the unique formations of colour combinations since the last examination.

So… learning, growing confidence, colour, a bit of fun, and the whole thing combines logic and creativity to form a unique whole. I wonder if there are any lessons there for the next steps in my career?


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