Ceilings and Mirrors

In my last blog (see “Superpowers cont’d”) I wrote about glass ceilings. What if you could turn them into a looking glass, to reflect yourself, your visions and your aims? That would help solve your invisibility problem! Just maybe, it would help us all work out how to break through that glass ceiling of a looking glass, and into a world of adventure beyond, just like Alice.
Here are my tips for how:

1. Use that mirror to reflect back and understand your priorities and what works for you. Grow to know the kinds of meetings you can’t ever miss, or the kinds of home commitments you won’t ever give up. Make sure the priority calls you make are right for you.

2. Decide, deal with it, and move on – if you’re worrying about the place you aren’t, then you might as well be there, because you’re no use where you are. Sitting at home worrying about how the client meeting went won’t help your colleagues impress, and you’ve taken time out to help your sick child, so help them. Harsh? Yes. Simple? Yes. Easy? Oh, no.

3. Plan in advance how you’ll deal with conflict situations. For example, if you have kids, the odds are you’ll need to look after a sick one every now and then. Find a neighbour who might help out once in a while; get the kit to work from home during the patient’s naps.

4. Negotiate around your situation. You can bet the crisis point will come at work and at home on the same day. If the report needs doing by 5 – see whether working in the evening and getting it done by 9am the following day will do just as well.

5. Realise that most of the time it’s a juggling act, and you won’t get it right every time. Learn from the bad days and use those lessons when you go back to step 3 (planning).

6. Be kind to yourself – although we may have some superhero attributes, we are really human beings underneath!

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