Beginning my writing journey…and why do you want to know?

I remember the frustration of not being able to unlock words. One of my earliest memories is of trying to read, and I was very aware of the magic and secrets the letters on the page seemed to hold, if only you could understand how. Once I began to get the hang of it, the next thing I wanted was to write one of those stories.
As I got older, I started actually living life, which got in the way of wanting to write. Then one day my lovely husband dreamed a dream, and wrote his down, and is now a published author, which makes me very proud. It took nearly five years from idea to publication, which started me wondering when a book’s life starts. I came to the conclusion that it’s when the idea begins inside its author’s head, and that there’s a long journey between that moment and the time when the book gets put into print (or an ebook’s virtual ink!) and begins its life out in the real world, where people can actually read it.
So what made me decide to write my own book? Well, after one particularly painful proof reading session, my husband (the author!) said, “Why don’t you write a book?” The answer was that I didn’t know what to write about. Then one day, whilst minding my own business fiddling about in the kitchen, I asked myself, “If you had to write a book today, what would it be about?” And suddenly I knew!
So my journey began, and my new hobby started, and here I am!
But it’s not easy, or quick, and there have been a few unexpected turns along the way already. I’ll tell you an example. I found a precious half hour to write, settled in a crowded coffee shop with a drink and a beautiful notebook and began. Not five minutes later, a lovely older lady asked to share my table because there were no other seats, and we began to chat. I thought about shushing her and getting on with the task in hand, but our talk was so unusually easy between strangers that I decided to change course for the rest of my half hour, because I might learn something. I don’t regret that decision one bit, but things like that mean it could be a long time before I get to finish my book, so I want to record how I’m getting there in the meantime!
In this blog I’ll share some of the amazing things I’ve found out in my research, the thoughts that occur to me along the way, and the tips that have worked for me and helped me write. Maybe they will be of interest, or work for you, whether writing is your thing, or whether you’re on a different path…




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